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Who are we


Our mission

The X-Monitor wireless technology that animates our products is the result of over eight years of research and development. We strongly believe in the mix of products and services that are the basis of our offer. Our mission is summed up in the development of a catalog of wireless devices connected and integrated to primary partner products, alongside the professional services of design and installation, the expertise in data management and visualization and a technical / sales training program.


Choose Kerberos

Choosing us for your monitoring and energy efficiency projects means selecting a technical partner who will be by your side helping you finding the best solution, guaranteeing the success of your projects.


Our values

All our products are Made in Italy, really. Respect for people, the search for partners that share our values, the continuous research aimed at reducing the impact on the environment are our inalienable values that guide our decisions daily.To transfer this value to our customers, we certify products with leading laboratories, and we adopt a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified by Bureau Veritas.


Resources overview

We are a team of fifteen people. We market our products in Italy through a network of agencies and partners. Internally we manage the R & D, technical support and logistics. We are also present in Argentina and Brazil.

Catalogues & Depliants

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Areas of intervention

X-Monitor Network sensors and istruments can be used to measure parameters related to energy, environment and the functionality of industrial and civilian devices in general

Intelligent network

X-Monitor networks are reliable, resistant and auto-repairing. The network adapts its connections based on the conditionsverified from environment,fisical and electromagnetic changes verified during the time

Extended functionalities

X-monitor communicates in "end to end" ModBUS on TCP and RTU, so it can be usedto gather data from standart remote devices, while PLC and other systems are simply connected to the gateway. So, the X-monitor network and the Gateway logic trasmit the data from and to remote devices when necessary

Green solution and minimal consumes

X-Monitor network technology is a green one. The devices and the sensors use little amounts of energy, on micro-Amper order. The X-Monitor network is usually very quiet. No trasmission is verified unless there is the need to exchange data. It is really an activity hundreds of times inferior to a standard Wi-Fi™ network.