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X-Monitor Technology

Sensors and instruments of the X-Monitor line are suitable to monitor parameters related to energy, environment and operation of industrial and civilian equipment in general.

Communication between devices on X-Monitor network is based on ZigBee™ protocol, which allows a powerful mesh network that spans the field in which devices are deployed.

X-Monitor networks are reliable, resilient and self-healing. The network adapts its connections to different conditions due to environmental changes, physical and electromagnetic fields that occur in the course of time.

X-Monitor is a green technology. Devices and sensors uses a small amount of energy, in the order of micro amperes.

An X-Monitor network is usually very quiet. No transmission occurs if no data has to be exchanged. This activity is hundreds of times smaller than a standard Wi-Fi™ network.

X-Monitor communicates ModBUS "end to end" both TCP and RTU, and is perfect to collect data from remote devices, while PLC and other systems simply connect the gateway. The X-Monitor network and the logic built in the Gateway transmit data to and from remote devices, if necessary.