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How does X-Monitor works

A new X-Monitor network requires only some simple steps to get functioning:

1. Points to monitor are identified (temperature / humidity / light / energy, gas & water usage, alarms, etc.)

2. Gateway position is chosen. Most of the time, Gateway needs to access the Internet to send data to an external platform, so if a LAN or DSL access is not available, a GPRS/UMTS router should be used.

3. Bridges and repeaters are added. While repeaters extend the network, bridges are useful to connect power meters and other industrial devices to the wireless network.

4. Technicians use a friendly dedicated software to build and program the wireless network.

5. Each sensor or equipment is listed and programmed to late being recognized by an external platform.

6. The network is ready! Sensors and equipment start sending data through the gateway to the external platform.