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X-Monitor - Usage Scenarios

The X-Monitor network is suitable for different application scenarios, enabling the use of different technologies for collecting, storing and displaying data that the network carries.

Wireless data collection while reading from PLC with MODBUS TCP / RTU protocol

The devices connected to the wireless network, whether they are native or MODBUS devices connected through a bridge can be successfully "virtualized" and appear as if they were connected directly to the gateway. This way a PLC, a SCADA system or a human-machine interface (HMI) can use the data to create plant or building automation systems. The network is bidirectional and can therefore implement near real time actuation.

Data collection and relay to a dedicated platform with standard protocols

Some X-Monitor Gateway can send data to external data-gathering, also proprietary or legacy systems, using protocols such as HTTP, REST (JSON, YAML), including the invocation of remote web services.

Reading data directly on wireless connected ModBUS devices in transparent mode

Some X-Monitor Gateways allow reading and writing directly via wireless to remote devices connected via MODBUS RTU protocol to the wireless bridge. This way a "cable replacement" network is realized. This mode is particularly useful to connect remote devices without the use of classical RS485 network and without the need to modify the management software.