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Amplified Wireless Repeater

Amplified Wireless Repeater

Repeater amplificato per montaggio a barra DIN 3

The KET-RMB-210, together with the Gateway and the nodes with integrated Repeater functionality, provides the network infrastructure necessary for the correct transmission of data collected by wireless sensors.

The ZigBee™ standard guarantees high reliability and resistance to interference, while the high sensitivity of the radio module can reach distances of over 1000m in free air.

The standard antenna connector supports 90° joint antennas or wired ones for placement outside the electrical panel.

Thanks to increased power, this device reduces the total number of nodes in the network.

Maximum power supply flexibility. KET-RMB-210 can be plugged on the power supply network or low voltage, both in DC or in AC.

New format suitable for mounting on DIN rails in electrical panel.

Specifications for Amplified Wireless Repeater

Protection Range -
Operative Temperature -
Storage Temperature -
Relative Humidity -
Dimensions -
Mounting -
- -
- -
Material -
- -
Consumption -
Connectors -
Supported Protocols -
Radio Frequency -
Output Power -
Sensitivity -
Antenna Type -
- -
Radio Signal Indicator -
Output Power Adjustment -
Firmware Upgrade -