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Anemometer with digital output MODBUS RS485

Anemometer with digital output MODBUS RS485

Anemometro digitale con uscita ModBUS RS485

KET-WNM-100 is a digital anemometer, suitable to monitoring wind turbine and control of wind speed in ski lifts, motorways, Alpine hiking, etc.

Created to improve the reliability of measurements compared with analogic anemometers cups. The sensor is mechanically designed to provide also a mechanic plug&play.

The adoption of RS485 digital output follows the technological development already used in other fields, and allows a considerable simplification in wiring in the stations that require reading of more tools, allowing you to create a single chain (bus) where converge data from different sensors.

Provided with anti-icing System.

WindMeter comes with a 4-pin M8 connector, which enables faster installation and maintenance, but also the possibility of a multi plug&play probes for easier maintenance checks.

Compatible with Ammonit data logger Meteo-40 (using RS485 bus).

Calibrated version available from Calibration Centre MEASNET. 

Specifications for Anemometer with digital output MODBUS RS485

Electronic Circuit -
Protection Range -
Operative Temperature -
Dimensions -
Mounting -
Material -
Cable -
Heater options -
- -
Consumption -
Connectors -
Supported Protocols -
- -
Isolation -
Connectors -
Wind speed -
Outputs -
Accuracy -
Compliance -
- -
Security -
Metrology -